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Claudete Alves - Freelance Pho 


I am the mother of two children and I am a photographer.

This description is important because my family, basically, is the great inspiration that brings to my work. This love inspires me in my work and in my research. I graduated in 2018 from the Italian Institute of Photography.


Photographing people is a great honor, it gives me the confidence to tell the story of the most important moments of their life. Among my works, one of the most important is that related to the photography of children, in search of immortalizing a magical moment that makes people relive that moment as unique every day and looking at those shots must be a daily pleasure.  


Over the years I have been able to introduce another side of me, the creative and authorial one, I have exhibited several works in important photographic exhibitions such as the Festival of European Photography, Milan Photo Week and Milan Photo Festival.




Connection, Milano Photo Week Istituto italiano di Fotografia, Milano.



 Collettiva "Spie#2" Milano PhotoWeek 2018 di Istituto Italiano di Fotografia apre a cura di Giancarlo Maiocchi.


“La ballata dei sogni perduti – Fotografando Spoon River” a cura di Roberto Mutti  studio di Emilio Tadini, dal 4 al 14 ottobre 2018.


Il paesaggio nello spazio, in occasione del Festival Fotografico Europeo dal 17 marzo al 28 aprile 2019 PALAZZO MARLIANI CICOGNA BustoArsizio curata da Erminio Annunzi.


Obiettivo New Generation, mostra fotografica allo Spazio Kryptos giovedì, 19 Settembre, 2019


“Spaceland”In occasione della Milano Design Week 2019

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